See what readers are saying about Ripple

Read Ripple and Chris’s six principles with a highlighter and grab a pen for the practical exercises to drive the principles home.
— R. Michael Rose, CEO of Mojo Media Labs and author of ROE Powers ROI: The Ultimate Way to Think and Communicate for Ridiculous Results
Having interviewed leaders of so many extraordinary companies in the United States, Japan, and beyond, I can tell you with confidence that every organizational issue is a leadership issue. In other words, if you want to change your organization, work on your leadership first!

Many of us mistakenly believe that leadership is a talent that you are born with, but Ripple shows you that leadership can be learned. Throughout this easy-to-follow, entertaining book, Chris Hutchinson provides you with exercises that help you cultivate a profound understanding of “self” and empower you to make a far-reaching and lasting impact.
— Shinobu Ishizuka, author of Zapposu No Kiseski (The Zappos Miracle)
Leadership begins internally, a service to self that if nurtured, can expand beyond you and allow you to serve others. Ripple is the missing manual for this inside-out leadership—a book you can visit to make a quick adjustment (there’s even a ‘But I Need Help Now!’ section) or to begin a warm, step-by-step mentorship with Chris. Finally, a leadership book not of rules, but of actions.
— Michael Clingan, The Claymore Group
Ripple has successfully bridged the gap between academic, evidence-based research and the acquired wisdom of an accomplished leader. Chris has woven proven theory into mini case studies illustrating how to achieve high organizational performance. Ripple will be required reading for all of our leaders.
— Tom Walter, chairman of 80Nine Holdings, chief culture officer of Tasty Catering, serial entrepreneur, author and speaker
I am very impressed with the caliber of Ripple. I was afraid it would be just another pop business book, of which I have seen too many. And I love the title! It’s perfect!
— Carol Krismann, University of Colorado Business Librarian, retired, and board member for Baldrige-award-winning Elevations Credit Union
I like how Ripple is personal, practical, and broad. It could apply to so many settings and still feel totally specific. The analogies and stories are told in a way that I could place myself and my organization in them. Teachers, pastors, CEOs and anyone leading anything would benefit from using it to improve their leadership.
— Pastor Leta Behrens
Ripple reminds us that leadership starts with personal clarity and results in immeasurable impact. The simple exercises in this book will help you learn to focus on your strengths, improve your organization, and positively influence the lives of others.
— Marisa Smith, head brainiac, The Whole Brain Group
Want to become a more effective, respected, and confident leader? Here’s your field guide. Chris Hutchinson’s insights on the essence of leadership and management will improve every part of your organization.
— Josh Kaufman, bestselling author of The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours
I’m really pleased with how comprehensive and practical Ripple is. It’s a book that needed to be written. Every topic and practice is applicable to companies both large and small.
— Tim Whetten, partner, Cycletote Bicycle Trailers
I like the approach. Ripple is a good, just-read-it kind of book. Practical and pragmatic, it takes some of the best tools and makes them actionable. I especially like the diagnostic guide in the back
— Jenny Briggs, coach and consultant, Moasic Creation