As a leader, your actions, starting with your own state of being, affect how other people work on an individual basis and the systems in which they operate.

Chris goes beyond the typical “intellectual exercise” presentation style. He engages you in evaluating your own approach, uses clear analogies and mental models to help you see things differently, provides simple exercises to get you started, and inspires your wholehearted commitment to improve. His approach is simultaneously practical, comprehensive, and targeted for the “I-already-have-too-much-to-do” leader.

Whether you have a group of 20 or 2,000, if you want someone who will take the time to understand your needs, and customize a presentation to fully engage your group, let's talk about what would work best.  

From keynotes and breakout sessions, Chris can customize a presentation from 30 minutes to 4 hour sessions depending on your needs.

All You People Need A Lot More Teamwork! DisruptHR Northern Colorado 1.0 - September 12, 2019 in Johnstown, CO

Example Sessions

Drama and Conflict and Stress - Oh My! What’s the Health of Your Business?

You deal with a lot of challenges outside your business - demanding clients, shifting requirements, and attracting great employees! But what do you do about the challenges on the inside? Turf battles, morale problems, and productivity issues can have you wondering what to do next. In this session, you’ll learn how to assess how healthy your company is and what you can do to increase your organizational health.

Winning Leadership: Being the Leader Your Team Wants to Follow

Being a leader requires juggling many moving parts. In this session you’ll learn how to show up as a leader people want to follow. We focus on how to build your team’s capacity, trust, and commitment to persist through setbacks that will come and how to enable your team to bring their best for shared success.

The Amazing Power of Outcome-Based Thinking

Are you getting the results you need? Leaders can overlook the power that outcome-based thinking has on an organization. Often, the sense of urgency takes over and we forget about the important levers that will help us achieve the result we want. Chris will share a few real-world practices to unleash your influence and support your efforts in guiding your organization to achieve its goals. You will learn essential leadership skills to lead your organization to the right outcome, develop the right amount of systems to achieve it, know when you have reached it, and discover better results with the same team.

How to Avoid Becoming Irrelevant as a Leader

Most leaders dramatically underestimate the impact of their personal leadership – often to the detriment of their organizations, their people, and themselves. Chris will present field-tested, common-sense practices that will help you avoid becoming irrelevant as a leader.  You will learn about the interpersonal leadership skills of respecting and empowering others. Bring along a current interpersonal challenge and get specific ideas for breaking through to a new level. This program is for anyone serving as a formal or informal leader.

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